Once in a Blue Moon

This is my first blog and here I am attempting to set the scene and provide the background for future blogs. They will appear rather infrequently that is once in a blue moon as the blog title implies (only when I feel there is value to be derived for others).

I am a Brit living in Guildford UK some 25 miles south of London.
You may address me as Mr. Bean (yes that is my true name: Brian Bean)
That is my only claim to fame.

Retired now; 75years young, best described as a :-
Grumpy Old Man (I even have a baseball cap to prove it.)

I spent my working life in IT/Telecommunications starting with LEO1 in 1962. Retired 20 yrs ago  and spent my spare time designing web-stes, and building/repairing PCs,and sorting out various operating system bugs for friends and indeed the local neighbourhood.


Do I have a lot to say: “YES”
But as my wife reminds me nobody wants to hear me ranting on about the state of:-
knee-jerk politics; education standards; top heavy management of the NHS, schools, the BBC ;
(Why is a senior maths master now titled Director of Matematics)
the EU, Human Rights Law (“The criminal excuse charter”) and on and on.

I do not watch much TV i.e. games for the masses,
( similiar to the solution the Romans found without the blood)
I am not a fan of social media sites where bored housewifes seem to enjoy posting to friends of friends of friends :- they met Aunt Agnes yesterday, and are going to have tea and crumpets with Matilda tomorrow SOOO excited!. ( They also saw Matilda yesterday!!!)
One exception is the ability to keep up with relatives in far flung places such as my daughter in Singapore who posts some amazing photographs.

End of rants

The creation of this site.

Being bored I decided to keep up with the world and create a Blog.
Researched the subject and found out that I needed WordPress and a means of hosting it.
(I already had a web site circa 1999)
I wished to try it out prior to publishing to the world at large and found I could install Xampp as a local server and so it began.

Xampp was installed on a windows 7 system WordPress plugin added. I then browsed through the available themes to get a jump start and settled on:-
coffee by organiksoft.
This provided my starter platform but it had limited customization so delved into the nitty- critty of php and css files and followed by a bit of editing I created my base theme.
Comments about the theme are welcome.

Blue Moon

But once in a while I do feel I have some thing to say that may be useful to others and the first is highlighting the ripoff prices charged by main dealers for the replacement of modern car keys (those with transponders and built in remote locking etc.). Or more specically how to avoid getting caught out. This is the subject of my second post.






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