This minute space in the firmament is presented by:
BesB / BrianB / Mr. Bean


Just Me:- My working career started in 1963 and spanned 30 in years in both computing and telecomms. I progressed from LEO 1 (world's first commercial computer),via large mainframe computing into  telecoms. There  I became involved in Lan design,  combined voice/data transmission; at one stage commuting between the UK, Colorado and California on a weekly basis. On retirement life slowed down marginally as I started to pursue my hobbies.  
Why the Dragon; earlier in my life I collected 'Dragon bronze and crystal figurines and have some 230 of them. I also named my servers after mythical creatures:- Dragon, Unicorn ,Griffon etc.


Why a Speed Test:- Having retired in 1990, as a hobby I first built PC's then Then I created a company for both web design and hosting services; during which I first started using UK cable broadband in 1998. I have since watched domestic speeds increase from 256Kb to 350Mb. It was interesting to monitor  the variations caused by browsers, operating systems, cable/fiber versus ADSL and traffic patterns. In this section you will also find a small batch file to toggle the internet on and off; Don't you just hate when  interupted by an app or windows doing an update.
This my UK server in action; give it a try.


FSX Bits and Bobs:- In 2009 I installed Microsoft FSX and flew all the missions I could find. In 2017 I registered with and with the help of the members there I started creating my own missions, gauges etc. Here are a few bits and bobs



My Blog (BMW Keys):- In 2013 I required  to replace the keys for my daughter's  BMW X3. Prices from UK dealers ranged from 140 to 180 ($200). This was 'Rip Off Britain' at it's best. I therefore  decided it needed a 'Blog'
 Once completed, I just had to include this video from facebook for a little light relief. (Kudos to the originator) Scroll down to near the end.